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A2F Is Your New Growth Engine

As unique as every startup is, there is one thing all of them bring when they come to us.


We call it - locked potential. 

Loads of potential in game-changing ideas, mind-blowing skills and far-reaching vision of progressive communities powered by technology. All of it locked behind the wall of missing funds.

The good news are that you have the key. And we will help you find it and use it to engineer your growth. 

Shall we begin?

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A2F stands for Access to Funding.

That is exactly what we are all about - the world of universal and unrestricted access to funding for every high growth potential company.

It is our mission to create the kind of environment where no startup will have to write it's own winning grant proposal ever again. Potential is your fuel. We are your drivers to innovation powered tech utopia of tomorrow.

FUEL! - Keep up with funding info 

FUEL! is our Innovation Funding Newsletter, twice a month, relevant and accurate, right where you need it


We Specialize in Innovation and Development Grants From Public And Private Sources

At A2F, we welcome startups that seek financial support to bring their visions to market. In more ways than one, our guidance has helped countless companies obtain their first funding and begin making groundbreaking advancements across industries. Take a look at some of the key funding sources below and see where you can fit in. Then, we can discuss the best option for you at any given time.


Government Funding

As the impact of innovation ecosystems on wider economy was becoming more and more obvious, Governments intensified their support to early stage startups and scaleups alike. New funding instruments, innovation funds and acceleration programs are being set up all the time, with ever increasing amounts distributed via development and innovation grants. 
In other words - your Government needs you to spend their money! Let's respond in force!


EU Funding Instruments

In addition to European Innovation Council (EIC) instruments, dedicated to only a small percentage of companies with industry defining breakthrough innovations, a new line of support is rapidly gaining momentum - cascade funding. Comparatively smaller grants with significantly streamlined procedures are now available for all profiles of startups. The best thing - there is a whole bunch of open calls at any time. We will help you navigate through that landscape with ease.


Corporate Funding

Not only Governments benefit from progressive innovation ecosystems and growing startup communities. Corporations are finding it increasingly difficult to fight the disruption, so they are exploring other ways of interacting with startups. Many of them are setting up their own thematic accelerators and funding instruments in an attempt to influence the development of ecosystems. You on the other hand, are presented with the chance to benefit from smoother adoption and vast resources corporate systems can offer.


Competitions And Challenges

There is always a multitude of competitive or non-competitive events where participants benefit from networking, learning or testing their solutions in real environment. With or without financial reward, these events may shape your path and boost your chances on the market. We will help you find right ones for your startup, get in and benefit to greatest possible extent.

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Visok stepen stručnosti i obilje informacija koje poseduju omogućio je da saradanja sa A2F bude na profesionalnom nivou, dok je sa druge strane razumeanje koje pokazuju saradnju učinilo lakom i za svaku preporuku

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