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Information, research and monitoring

It does get overwhelming at times, we know it better than most. No place on web offers a comprehensive overview of all available funding sources. And no place anywhere tells you which one fits your needs. It takes time, effort, experience and continuity to master the navigation in that space. It is a full time job, there is no way around it. That is, unless you let us do that for you.


Collaborative Consulting

We’re firm believers in the idea that collaboration drives innovation. Early Stage Funding that most startups require in order to get their feet off the ground is ususally the hardest part. If you decide to take on those challenges yourself, we can provide support and guidance in strategy, research, idea sourcing, proposal development and grant writing.


Training And Mentorship

Knowledge transfer is one of the defining features that keeps startup and innovation ecosystems permanently in the spotlight of broader business community. In digital economy, sharing multiplies value and we are happy to follow that lead. In-house trainings, open format education or one on one mentorship - you chose the avenue, we send fundraising and project management expertise with top of the industry insights your way.


Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising strategy aims to secure the most efficient and long term sustainable growth of your startup by establishing criteria for choices you will inevitably face. Good strategy is maximizing the impact of your strengths and avoiding the pitfalls in your development path, marking the difference between those who got lucky and real serial winners. We help you start every race for funding with more than a step ahead of others.


Project Development And Proposal Writing

If you already have a well defined idea of your next project, and at least a hint about the targeted funding source, it makes our part that much easier to play. We will collect and analyze all the inputs you provide, and assemble a winning proposal. Turning creativity into structure is the magic we practice. The outcome is fully funded sustainable project for you to manage.

These are really just hints to what we can do for you. Let's talk about your needs and tailor the service to best fit them

Metal Surface

We Care About Every Step Of Your Journey

Feel free to choose the service you need, bundle, or tailor them. No size fits all, but we do have all the sizes.

Proposal Development Roadmap

This is a brief outline of our collaborative proposal development process. While we usually start with this, it is you, and your project that eventually shape these steps, and influence how it unfolds and where it takes us. Every project is a tailored experience, every proposal is a distinctive output, and every startup presents a unique framework for us.
Only one thing is static and predictable - success. It just sticks and wont go away... 



7 – 10 days

  • Context

  • Expectations

  • Operating Procedures



14 – 20 days

  • Research

  • Concept

  • Info fill-in



10 – 14 days

  • Select

  • Sync

  • Format



5 – 7 days

  • Review

  • Modify

  • Fine-tune



  • Check

  • Double check

  • Submit

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