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Who We Are

A2F is in essence a network of fundraising and project management industry veterans with deep insight and almost limitless knowledge base in tech and innovation ecosystems.
The service you receive from us, draws value from wider group of associate consultants, actively working for some of the most prominent names in digital economy and innovation consultancy. Our collective presence and recognition enable us to offer you a fully comprehensive support, beyond just fundraising and certainly beyond our individual experiences.
In other words - we put the combined might of industry's elite talent at your disposal.

Team: Team

Ilija Stojanović

Founder of A2F, self-proclaimed fundraising wizard with years of startup fundraising experience under his belt. Forged his expertise working for global consultancy giants, as well as various Serbian innovation ecosystem pioneers.
Key expertise: Project design and proposal development


Marijana Simić

Along with the thorough mastery of the complete project cycle management, Marijana brings wealth of experience in international development consultancy, having worked for state development agencies as well as private sector stakeholders in  several EU countries.
Key expertise: International development and project/program planning

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Aleksandar Savić

Walking encyclopedia on startup and innovation funding, with special focus on the EU funding instruments and partnership building between different profiles of stakeholders in digital economy.
Key expertise: Horizon Europe and cascade funding


Dalibor Ivanković

Law and Project management student, soon to be a rockstar fundraiser specialized in projects cycle management and corporate relations. Already proven in civil sector as a strategic leadership consultant for youth NGOs and emerging young leaders.

Key expertise: Corporate Relations and Project Budgeting

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