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Insights For Innovation Funding Applicants

From a stone cold executioner of hundreds of innocent... grants

Insights For Innovation Funding Applicants

As I was beginning my innovation funding consultancy experiment years ago, the first most obvious and in demand funding scheme among my client base was Serbia Innovation Fund with its several pillar instruments. Fast forward, 50 grants into it, it’s safe to say I noticed certain patterns that will most certainly help future applicants understand the complexities of the journey they are choosing. 

To be fair, there is plenty of guidelines, Q&As, and info days that can offer answers. However, those answers are from the same side of the funding divider. My perspective is much closer to applicants POV, and as such naturally more relatable. As if the future successful you tells this present confused you how to go about it. Been there done that, and you, my friends - will want to do the same. Thank me later, make it quantified.


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