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Flair & A2F - Connecting European Innovators to Asian Markets

There is a lot of potential in connecting the two opposite and yet so complementary parts of the world

Flair & A2F - Connecting European Innovators to Asian Markets

Asian markets are every disruptor's wet dream!

• Unseen demand for innovation

• Billions of customers

• Fastest growing economies

• Huge traditional sectors in need of digital transformation

Innovation adoption potential of Asian markets is nothing short of miraculous. They have proven it time and time again with the way their economies have been growing and managing that growth.

It was only the matter of time for the inevitable to start unfolding. I began my own efforts on connecting the two perfectly compatible pieces a long time ago. Spent time in the East, been derailed by apocalyptic occurrences, and now finally... Back on track,

This time, I am doing it right way.

A2F is now partnering with Founders Lair to lead the charge and offer the smoothest connecting experience to brilliant minds on both sides.

Flair is a household name in ecosystem building, have no doubt about it, trusted already by over 3.000 startups, from more than 70 countries.

The founding team of Founders Lair consists of serial entrepreneurs and startup community builders. They personally felt the struggle of being a founder and not getting easy access to the resources needed. And it really shows in a way they foster interactions with startups, and creating business opportunities where no one thought they may appear. 

Being a part of their local leaders network, I will be offering updates on some of the most relevant among collaboration calls from Asian Corporate and government stakeholders. Below is the first, hopefully among many such updates. Feel free to download and reach out if there's something you find interesting.

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