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Huawei Cloud Startup Program Spanish Edition

Huawei & FundingBox are bringing opportunities for digitalisation, global expansion and funding for Spanish startups with the aim of accelerating business opportunities and global growth of Spanish innovation startup-sups that are developing tech solutions in the fields of: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and/or SaaS, Blockchain or Web3.

Project benefits

🏆🏆🏆 We will select 10 startups to participate in a four-week pre-acceleration program that will offer them benefits in five fields:

💡 Technical support and Cloud Credits Perks by Huawei: startups will receive technical support from Huawei of up to 120K$ in cloud credits and access to Huawei R&D

💡 Go-to-market and expansion support: providing a launchpad to deploy cross-border business and access to new markets and customers

💡 Tech expertise: learn from renowned leaders within Huawei, fellow founders that have scaled internationally and tech mentors who have builts, scaled and exited startups

💡 Fundraising support: pitch to investors and Venture Capital stakeholders from Huawei and FundingBox ecosystems to expand your business footprint

💡 Business Mentoring support: provided by business mentors from the FundingBox ecosystem.

Detailed description


The Huawei Cloud Start-up Program for Spain (hereby referred as THE PROGRAM) focuses on offering Spanish startups new opportunities for digitalisation, global expansion, and funding and tech support. The main objective of the Program is to accelerate the business opportunities and global growth of Spanish innovation start-ups.

🚀🚀🚀 Who can apply?

🔸 We are searching for:

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs, <250 employees, <40 M€ turnover, <27 M€ annual balance-sheet, independent) in their beginnings (not older than three years, five tops), aiming to disrupt the Spanish digital innovation ecosystem, with a scalable business model.

🔸 Startups may be required, in Huawei or FundingBox sole discretion, to provide proof of:

(i)company registration by submitting a registration certificate issued within the last three (3) months, or ongoing company registration, or any trade registry and proof ensuring the registration of the entity in the relevant country, and

(ii) a valid professional insurance policy subscription.

🔸 Fields of action: in particular, we are thinking of companies developing tech solutions in the fields of:

- Artificial Intelligence,

- Machine learning,

- Data analytics,

- Blockchain,

- Web 3,

- SaaS.

- Other fields might be accepted, but the previous ones are priority fields

🔸 Sectors: in particular, we are looking for companies developing aforementioned tech solutions in the following sectors:

- Internet,

- Manufacturing,

- Agri-food,

- Tourism,

- Health,

- Fintech,

- Other sector applications might be accepted, but the previous ones are priority sectors.

🔸 Country: The Huawei Cloud Start-up Program is focused on start-ups established in Spain

🔸 Current and/or expected use of Cloud Services (in EUR): since one of the benefits offered by Huawei Spain is the access to up to 120K$ cloud credits, it is expected that the selected startups will be making a current of expected use of cloud services of minimum 2K€ / month.

⚠️ This Program is not open to: employees and representatives of Huawei and The FundingBox Group and members of their families.

🧿🧿🧿 How will we evaluate your application?

All applications submitted through OnePass ( will be thoroughly evaluated.

⌛ In the first step, we will review the formal aspects of submissions and discard the ineligible proposals if there are any - eligibility conditions may be found in the previous section.

⌛ A group of experts within FundingBox and Huawei will perform a full evaluation of the received applications considering technical, business and team factors.

⌛ Between 20 to 30 top startups will be presented to Huawei pool of experts to be selected to have 1:1 interviews with Huawei.

⌛ These interviews will take the form of a 8-minute pitch and a 7-minute Q&A session, where startups will take a deep dive into their pitch deck and business model in front of a Huawei panel.

⌛ After all interviews have taken place, the Huawei panel will determine which are the top 10 companies that will be invited to participate in the program.

📅📅📅 The key milestones of the programe can be visualized, including:

● Open call launch and closure (bettween mid-March 2023 and 21st April 2023)

● 1:1 interviews between pre-selected startups and Huawei senior experts (until end of April 2023)

● Communication to winners (end April 2023)

● 4-weeks acceleration program starts including a Welcome Camp (May 2023), most probably in Madrid (location to be confirmed)

● Final Pitching Day to culminate the program in a pitch to Huawei senior leaders, invertors and fellow founders, most probably in Madrid (location to be confirmed) (End June 2023)

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