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China Market Discovery Program for German Startups - 2023 May Batch

German Accelerator empowers German startups to scale globally. It is proudly financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK). Our China Market Discovery Program helps German startups to connect with China's potential clients and partners and explore the China market.

Project benefits

✅ Understand the Basics of China Expansion

Learn about the political and economic essentials and gain first knowledge on how to tap into and maneuver a complex Chinese market.

✅ Assess First, Discover Second: Take China Expansion at Your Own Pace

The program gives you the opportunity to first assess the suitability of expansion to China before diving deeper into the Chinese market and ecosystem so that you can understand and adapt elements of your business model.

✅ Access Experienced Partners in Germany and China for Your Seamless Expansion Journey. Get to know and network with key partners (trade associations, investors, entrepreneurs, corporates, etc.) that can advise and accompany you on taking the right steps in your pursuit to expand into the Chinese market.

✅ Ready, Set, Go: Measure Your Readiness for China Expansion

Attain the necessary frameworks and get feedback on your readiness for expansion to China from our mentors and the program team, so that you can start to work on your milestones.

China is the second-largest economy globally and is rapidly evolving from being the “world’s factory” to a consumption-driven economy. For business leaders, the People’s Republic of China has been a very important – but also complex and challenging – market.

For German startups, the Chinese market presents many opportunities, but it’s a complex country. Especially young companies run the risk of exposing themselves to dangers along their expansion journey.

German Accelerator(GA) supports startups in exploring China in a safe and sustainable way. By the end of the program, startups develop the basis of a tailored, risk-sensitive China strategy on which they can base subsequent business decisions and activities.

The program is designed in cooperation with carefully selected and trusted partners in both Germany and the People’s Republic of China. Together with our speakers, mentors, and partners, the German Accelerator team ensure neutral and unbiased advice to the startups throughout the whole program.

💻💻💻 An All-Virtual Program

Until further notice, the China Market Discovery Program remains an all-virtual program.

🚦🚦🚦 Program Eligibility

The China Market Discovery Program is open to startups and companies of all industries and stages. There are opportunities for synergy with the Chinese business region in a wide range of areas, including deep tech, hardware, AI, SaaS, platform solutions, mobile, consumer goods, web3, blockchain and more. Whether your company is an early-stage startup or a later stage firm you can benefit from our program. In addition, we also encourage traditional medium-sized companies to apply.

Our selection committee evaluates applications based on the potential for learning and growth rather than the stage or the industry of your company. We are interested in how much value you

can gain from the program.

📅📅📅 Application Deadlines & Program Dates

Application Deadline:

April 17th, 2023

Program Dates:

May 8th – June 16th 2023 + April. 26th half day mandatory workshop (China Essentials)

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